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Philisophical Harry Potter

inquiring minds want to know...or at least discuss

Philosophical Harry Potter
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A community for those interested in Harry Potter "head-scratchers"...open to any HP fans who want to discuss the many thought-provoking areas of the series in true philosophical fashion. :-) There are no tests, no quizzes in order to join this community; it is open to experts and novices alike. If you have something on your mind, feel free to share it!

*"PhilosophicalHP" can serve as a platform for discussions about Harry Potter and Christianity (or Harry Potter vs. Christianity, however you see it---a good topic to discuss!), Harry Potter and religion in general, Harry Potter and concepts such as death, life, good/evil, when good wizards turn dark, and many, many other topics.*

(N.B.---this community is currently in its most fledgling state; bear with me. Its appearance and content shall improve shortly.) :-)