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Sat, Nov. 22nd, 2003, 10:21 pm
little_sun: Hary - James - Severus - Dumbledore

I don´t know if it was discussed before, but... Don´t you think it´s weird that Dumbledore tolerate Snape´s behaviour to Harry? Severus is evidently torturing him, and Dumbledore seems to know nearly everything, so he must know this. But he does nothing against it. Why? Usually bullying is gone after at schools...

The same - It seems that James and Sirius were torturing young Severus. ... ehm, I not sure here, because Sirius talks about it as "Sev and James pulled out wands immediately everytime they met each other" or something like that... so the scene in OotP could be similar to other situation when Severus was more quick? ... But in the other hand James had usually Sirius with, so... well, I am not sure here... But Severus is torturing Harry... that´s evident...

So why do you think Dumbledore doesn´t do anything with it?

Wed, Nov. 26th, 2003 09:58 am (UTC)

That's a really good point...one would think that Dumbledore would step in on Harry's behalf one of these times. He has to know about it, doesn't he? Maybe it goes back to your question about Dumbledore trusting Snape. I think Dumbledore's an optimist...like he sees the good inside of Tom Riddle, he sees the good inside of Snape. He trusted Snape to teach Harry Occlumency, knowing that Snape had a grudge against Harry because of James but hoping that he would be able to get over it. As Headmaster, Dumbledore would certainly have the authority to reprimand teachers whom he thought to be behaving inappropriately, wouldn't he? Of course he couldn't do anything about Umbridge because of her position in the Ministry, but Snape is a different case. Maybe he has tried talking with Snape, I don't know. Harry certainly hasn't been doing anything to better his relationship with Snape, so why should he? :-\ I can't wait until JKR explains more about Snape's character. So far she has just been portraying him as an all-out nasty guy, but I know there has to be some history behind it.